Divertery Divertery

Since its establishment Finomar produced diverters and other equipment for the power industry.

Diverters are used to control the flow direction of a great mass of very hot gases produced by the gas turbine either through the heat exchanger (steam generator) or alternatively – through the funnel to the atmosphere. They form a kind of a three-way large-size valve with inlet/outlet duct section for e.g. of 6,9 x 6,9m. The secret of construction of diverters is in the accuracy of their fabrication and assembly taking into account shrinkage related with the thermal expansion (tightness of a damper must be secured), application of materials resistant to high temperatures and good thermal insulation preventing heat loss and protecting at the same time against adverse influence of a high temperature.

Diverters and other construction for the power industry built at Finomar were installed in power stations all over the world, namely in Germany, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Egypt, Syria, Nigeria, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, United States of America, Mexico, Chile and others.

Dimensions of the constructed equipment were 12 x 12 x 14m and their weight reached 100 ton.

Depending on transport requirements diverters were built in sections for assembly at the destination site.