Anchors SALTM (2003)

Offshore - kotwice

The company Finomar has produced SAL anchors; their structure for transport reasons was made in halves of over 50t weight each. Next both halves were joined and outfitted and SALTM (Single Anchor Loading) anchor of a total weight of 130t was positioned on the sea bed in the area of deep sea drilling operations related with subaequous extraction of oil and gas.

Anchors are used to anchor tankers in the open sea even at unfavourable weather conditions and as a terminal to connect the installation filling the vessel tanks from the bed/subaequous pipeline.

Construction of SALTM anchors as well as construction of other off-shore structures required fulfillment of very stringent conditions resulting from, among others, the Class Rules. Such requirements applied to e.g. selection and identification of materials used for construction, certification of welding procedures, certification of welders and their identification, scope and identification of NDT and subcontractors and supervision.

All specified requirements were successfully implemented and fulfilled by Finomar.

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