Production potential

                   Real estate:      The total area of the real estate is approximately 50,000 m2
                     1.1. Hardened production and storage yards provided with hoisting equipment. The total area of the yards is approx. 6,000 m2
                     1.2. Developed wharf with cranes (within the area of the sea port). The length of the wharf is 300 m
                             Permissible draft for berthing ships up to 6 m
                     1.3. Prefabrication hall – area 1,400 m2
                     1.4. Two-aisle production hall – area 4,825 m2

                   Lifting equipment

                      2.1. Cranes in storage and prefabrication yards – 3 pcs. – load capacity 6 – 10 tons
                      2.2. 3 berth cranes – load capacity 20 t (possibility of a joint operation).
                      2.3. Overhead cranes in production shops– load 12.5 – 25 t (50 t for joint operation of 2 overhead cranes in the production shop).

                   Bigger technical devices

                      3.1. Two NC machines for curvilinear cutting and marking metal plates, with a 3D header for scarfing and printer
                              for marking elements.
                              Capacity: cutting steel plates up to 30 mm thick, aluminum sheets up to 20 mm thick; sheet dimensions up to 3 x 20 m.
                      3.2. Professional welding equipment for various welding methods.
                      3.3. Other machines and technical equipment: hydraulic presses, band saws, drills, sheet metal rollers, guillotine shears.
                      3.6. Movable platforms for transporting large-size elements, 2 pcs – load capacity: 75 t and 100 t

                      4.    Equipment for launching and transport by water
                              Submersible pontoon of the following dimensions:
                              Length: 48.00 m,
                              Width 18.00 m
                              Height: 4.30 m.