Access to the wharf
           – allows for the construction of structures weighing up to 800-1000 tons and their transport by water to foreign customers in particular to
              Germany, Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands and Great Britain, as well as to Polish contractors in Szczecin, Police, Świnoujście
              and Gdańsk and Gdynia along the Polish sea coast.

               Finomar offers for the shipbuilding industry:
            – Hulls for cargo ships, fishing vessels, service vessels, multipurpose vessels, ferries, yachts, tankers, barges, icebreakers and others
                vessels up to 55 m long.
            – Complete small watercrafts.
            – Ship blocks and sections (bow, stern, double bottoms, midships, funnels, hatch coamings, superstructures, masthouses) of a unit
                weight of up to 800 tons – outfitted with basic hull elements, pipelines according to customer requirements.
            – Blocks for ships extension.
            – Ship structures of smaller dimensions and weight, such as foundations for of machinery and auxiliaries, crane pedestals, radar masts, etc.
               also made of stainless steel and aluminum.

               Finomar offers for offshore installations:

             – Anchors, supporting structures, foundations, tubular supporting structures for the oil & gas sector.
             – Outdoor platforms for wind farms.
             – Anode cages for wind farms.
             – Foundations of wind farm towers.

               Finomar offers for the power energy sector:   
             – Diverters – distribution flaps intended for gas turbines.
             – Chimney flaps, louvers, exhaust ducts, filter housings for flue gas desulphurization systems.

              Sheet metal cutting services:
              Two cutting machines, numerically controlled, gas and plasma, with the possibility of marking and marking elements of following parameters:
           – standard length up to 12 m (with the possibility of extension up to 20 m)
           – sheet width up to 3.1 m
           – cutting thickness: mild steel up to 200 mm, stainless steel up to 25 mm, aluminum up to 30 mm
              Rental of the quay for berthing and repair purposes
              Parameters of mooring vessels:
            – max. length: 200 m,
            – max. draft: 6 m.

              Quay parameters:
           – length 330 m,
           – developed and outfitted with three cranes of 20 t load capacity each (possibility of joint operation of 2 cranes).

1  (floating ramp)

           – Transport of structures made by FINOMAR Sp. z o.o. by pontoon “Finomar 1”.
           – Renting the “Finomar 1” pontoon to the customers

                              (subject to compliance with the objectives of the ROP WZ Measure 1.5,
                              competition number: RPZP.01.05.00-IZ.00-32-004/18 of June 29, 2018)